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OCT Image Gallery:

(For labeled images, x- and y- axes are in millimeters and the contrast scale is done in decibels)

Tissue with stents

Sheep lung

Surface of carrot

Rat ovary
Note:Color indicates thickness of cell lining over struts The cartilage (C) is strongly fluorescent. E (epithelium), LP (lamina propria), A (alveoli)   Note: multiple depth sections 100 ┬Ám apart, showing mature follicles and corpora lutea.


Normal mouse colon

Mouse colon tumor

Hamster skin

Glycerol injected skin

Blade of Lettuce


Orange peel
      Note: Dark ovals on
left side are oil glands


Unripe cranberry

Ripe cranberry

Overripe cranberry
Note: Large round
object on left is a seed
Note: Signs of a
strong fibrous matrix
Note: Fibrous matrix
appears to be degrading
Note: Internal structure
barely visible in scan

Tube in rabbit cornea

Laser speckle in tissue

Mouse skin

Surface of finger tip

Note: T is the tube
under the cornea C.
The iris is below the tube
Note: Top to bottom:
skin, fat, normal lung, abnormal lung
Note: Diagonal lines near surface are hair follicles. Different layers of skin visible  

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